2017 Annual Report

Foothills Family,

Wow! 2017 has been an incredible year at Foothills Community Church. The Lord has done amazing things. We have seen so many lives changed by the power of the Gospel.

I wish I could say “thank you” personally to each of you who have invested your time, talent, and treasure to make it all possible. But I want you to know I feel incredibly blessed to be your pastor!

As the Apostle Paul said, “I look forward to what lies ahead.” I believe 2018 is going to be even better. I wanted to share a few highlights of all that Jesus did at Foothills. Let’s celebrate together.

– Pastor Greg

We saw 266 salvations this year across Foothills including kids, students and adults, as well as 96 baptisms. We had 870 First Time Guests on Sundays this year; 398 of those guests were kids visiting KidZone and 472 of them were adults in our Sunday services.






First-time Guests

Total Guests 870




On average, 259 kids attended KidZone each Sunday. This summer, we had 26 in attendance at summer camp. This included 22 kids and 4 volunteers. We also had 496 kids and volunteers at SonSports this year. On Wednesday nights, an average of 20 5th and 6th graders met at Fifty6.

Service average attendance

Summer camp attendance

SonSports attendance

Fifty6 average attendance

Foothills Student Ministry

On average, 62 students and volunteers attend FSM each week. Forty-eight people attended our summer camp at Bigstuf.

FSM average attendance



This year we had 837 people serve across Foothills. This includes Guest Experience, Campus Support, Care & Outreach, KidZone, FSM, Creative Arts and Worship.

2017 Volunteers 837


This year, Foothills had 54 groups with a total of 663 participants. Out of the 54 groups, 37 of them are Community Groups which focus on building relationships. We offered seven Interest Groups which focus on common interests, hobbies, or sports and 10 Resource Groups that focus on equipping our community on specific life issues.

Total number of groups 54

Community Groups

Interest Groups


Total number of participants 663


This year, over 758 people served over 6,300 hours in Outreach. Thirty-six people attended mission trips to Haiti and Kentucky. Over the years at Foothills, 1,004 families have contributed $1,001,765 to outreach.

2017 Volunteers 758


Mission Trip attendees

Contributing Families

Amount $1,001,765

Budget Summary

Salaries/benefits of all staff are allocated throughout the budget summary.

2018 General Fund and Outreach Giving Forecast $1,898,689.00
2018 Salaries/Benefits - includes 12 FT & 10 PT Staff $882,280.00
+ Cash carry-over Forecast $39,051.00
Available Operating Budget - salaries represent 45.6% of budget $1,937,740.00